10 things
you should know about
Dalton School Hong Kong

Is a child-centered primary school and we believe “Children are our curriculum, and the world is our textbook.”

Collaborates with Tsinghua University Primary School and utilises THPS’s well-researched curriculum, leading-edge teaching materials and award-winning teaching resources that greatly enhance DSHK’s standards of Chinese study.

Uses a Dual Language model for language instruction, so students receive 50% of instruction in English and 50% in Putonghua in ALL subject areas, including the arts and physical education. Dual Language incorporates three main goals: 

1. Students will be Bilingual and Biliterate over time
2. Students will be able to demonstrate High Academic Achievement in all subject areas in both languages
3. Students will model socio-cultural incompetence by celebrating and seeking to understand our differences.

Inhabits a state-of-the-art campus that is approximately 75,000 square feet with another 20,000 square feet used for the kindergarten and preschool.

Values and celebrates all cultures and languages.  As such, whether a child speaks English, Putonghua, or something else at home, we encourage that native language and find ways to acknowledge its importance at school.

Teaches traditional Chinese characters to better grasp the history and meaning behind each character.

Regularly holds Dalton Speaker Series - bringing global leaders and educators to the forum to enrich and inspire parents and the community as a whole.

Includes a diverse student population that includes over 20 nationalities represented in student and teacher body.

Provides abundant opportunities for students to experience Chinese culture including Yangzhin, Guzhin, Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese dance.

Incorporates an innovative approach to STEAM that blends the strengths of eastern and western approaches and integrates the 5 disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.