“Things Every Dual Language Parent Should Know” – – José Medina
On 25 January 2018 DSHK invited Dr. José Medina, Director for Dual Language and Education at the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, D.C., as our guest speaker for the Dalton Speaker Series.  Dr. Jose held an interactive session and shared the latest and instructional biliteracy practices with parents to ensure they fully understand what being a dual language parent is all about.
「雙語教育及家長的角色」– José Medina
2018年1月25日道爾頓學校邀請來自美國華盛頓應用語言學雙語教育中心的JoséMedina博士, 在
道爾頓「反思教育」系列講座分享資訊。 JoséMedina博士為我們介紹最新的雙語研究成果和雙語实践狀况,以確保大家全面了解雙語家長這一角色。
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