What it is and Why

DSHK values and recognizes the importance of Chinese culture in our students’ current and future lives.  Our motto, I am not led, I lead guides our children as learners and developing leaders. Therefore, it is vital that our DSHK students lead from a place of principles and values.  Our Chinese culture framework places a strong emphasis on cultivating a deep understanding of ancient Chinese values so that students lead with benevolence, wisdom, virtue, propriety, and trustworthiness.  At each stage of development, students have the opportunity to grapple with meaningful contexts that help deepen their understanding of each value.

DSHK Overview

“The Dalton Plan is not a curriculum, it is a scheme of educational reorganization which reconciles the twin activities of teaching and learning. When intelligently applied it creates conditions which enable the teacher to teach and the learner to learn.”
by Helen Parkhurst

Student Led Projects

Chinese Culture