“Create 21st-Century Thinkers– CHESS STARTING AT 3+”

On 24th May, founder of New York based program, “Chess-at-3”, Mr. Jon Sieber, shared with parents the benefits of learning Chess, as children not only become skillful and passionate with Chess, they will cherish their journey while instilling grit, determination, mathematic and problem solving skills.

Against traditional chess learning techniques that involve systematic memorizing, Chess-At-3 team demonstrated to groups of children to learn the game of chess effortlessly through his captivating storytelling; turning Kings, Queens, Bishops and Knights to a vibrant cast of animated characters. 

 524香港道爾頓學校誠邀來自紐約Chess-at-3機構的創辦人约翰·塞伯,為「反思教育系列」的特別演講嘉賓。他與家長分享國際象棋的好處, 孩子們不僅對國際象棋充滿熱情,還在提高棋藝的同時倍加珍視每一次獨特的遊戲體驗。他們在遊戲中充滿勇氣和決心,同時明顯提升數學和問題解決能力。

相對傳統意義上以「系統記憶」為主的國際象棋學習方式,”Chess-at-3” 引導孩子們通過迷人的故事輕鬆愉快地學習國際象棋,將國王、皇后、主教和騎士變成一群充滿活力的動畫角色。