“Dual Language Essentials: Things Every Dual Language Parent Should Know”

Parents enroll their children in dual language programs because they understand the value of bilingualism/biliteracy, grade level academic achievement in both program languages, and the sociocultural benefits of having children be a part of a diverse educational community.  On 20 September Dr. José Medina for this interactive session promoted the latest research and instructional biliteracy practices, ensuring every parent fully understand what being a dual language parent is all about.
Jose Medina
        家長為孩子選擇雙語課程,是因為他們瞭解雙語文素養和學術水平達相應年級的價值,以及孩子處於多元化教育社群所帶來的跨文化優勢。來自美國華盛頓的雙語教育專家José Medina博士9月20日為出席的家長介紹最新的雙語研究成果和雙語實踐狀况,以確保大家全面瞭解雙語家長這一角色。