How We Do It?

DSHK uses a Dual Language model for language instruction. Dual Language incorporates three pillars: 

1. Bilingual and Biliterate

2. High Academic Achievement

3. Socio-Cultural Competence

(Center for Applied Linguistics)

DSHK students are expected to be able to speak, listen, read, write, think, and translate in both English and Putonghua.  We use a 50/50 model for instruction, so students receive 50% of instruction in English and 50% in Putonghua in ALL subject areas, including the arts and physical education.  Research on the Dual Language model has shown that students who are immersed in this program for 5-7+ years perform at the highest academic level in both languages as their monolingual peers.  Furthermore, DSHK values and celebrates all cultures and languages.  As such, whether a child speaks English, Putonghua, or something else at home, we encourage that native language and find ways to acknowledge its importance at school.  DSHK students value our differences and seek to understand different cultures and backgrounds.


Children are the experimenters and not the victims

Child Centered

Our children are the curriculum and the world is our textbook.

Dual Language

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