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The Experience of Learning Chinese Beyond the Classroom at DSHK

The Chinese Book Week held at DSHK provided students with a joyful learning experience. Activities such as reading by the sea, storytelling with fun objects, visiting the Hong Kong Central Library, and participating in reading challenges were carefully planned to inspire a love for books and reading from an early age. These activities cultivate good reading habits that benefit students throughout their lives.

In addition, there are several similar activities aimed at inspiring students to learn Chinese and embrace Chinese culture. For instance, students have participated in the Greater Bay Speech Competition and the International Chinese Festival Recitation and Storytelling Competition in the past two years, achieving impressive results. These competitions not only boost self-confidence but also expose students to classic works.

The “Xiao Ri Chun Hui” Environmental Essay and Painting Competition, in which students have participated for the past two years, expands their imagination, showcases their writing skills, and enhances environmental awareness. Their excellent achievements in this competition are a source of pride.

To encourage more students to read, we have organized two Dalton Cup Reading Challenges over the past two years. Students read the same books in preparation for the competition, and teachers are delighted to witness their newfound interest in reading, whether it’s comic books, historical novels, or science fiction.

This year, our students took part in two China Zongheng Cup International School Debate Competitions. Through mock debates, competitions, and review sessions, they have transformed from inexperienced debaters into confident individuals with quick responses and sharp opinions. Their outstanding achievements have inspired more Dalton students to join the Debate ECA. Our young debaters even brought the activity to Tsinghua Primary School as part of a student exchange program. Debate activities have also gained popularity as a classroom activity.

Dalton School is dedicated to enhancing students’ literacy skills while exposing them to Chinese culture. Alongside Chinese New Year Temple Fair and Chinese Culture Week, extracurricular activities such as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, and Wushu provide students with a deeper understanding of Chinese history and cultural heritage. Excitingly, many students practicing Wushu have earned awards in large-scale martial arts competitions. This year, our Grade 2 and Grade 4 students had the opportunity to showcase their Kung Fu skills on stage.

Our teachers invest significant effort in our end-of-year drama productions. From last year’s “Mulan” to this year’s “The Golden Feather,” students not only showcase their dramatic skills but also learn about traditional values, history, culture, and the symbolic significance of the Great Wall and the dragon in Chinese culture.

Students also learn to play musical instruments in Chinese as part of the Dalton Orchestra. With support from the Greater Bay Philharmonic Orchestra, our Orchestra has flourished, performing at Winter Concerts and Little Basel. These achievements demonstrate the positive outcomes of using Chinese as the medium language.

The most remarkable Chinese experience this year was the trip to Beijing for upper-grade students. The exchange program at Tsinghua Primary School provided an unforgettable experience. Additionally, visiting Beijing’s central axis and experiencing the Great Wall with their friends left a lasting impression.

Dalton School provides various activities to promote the Chinese learning experience, helping students develop a closer connection to Chinese culture and a stronger sense of belonging to the Chinese language and culture. These activities stimulate their motivation to learn Chinese and foster a genuine love for Chinese culture.