Gian Peloso's "Music to ones Ear"

On 27 May, families were in for a treat as everyone was WOWED by Mr. Gian Peloso’s performance as he demonstrated his talent with a Stradivari Violin of 1697 worth $8million USD!  
It is no secret that music is an important part of children’s development. 
Mr. Gian Peloso shared his insights with parents, on how playing a musical instrument can be rigorous yet joyful, through child’s self-driven passion.  And how your child’s very first music teacher can influence his or her lifelong music journey.
5月27日,家長定當贊歎佩洛索先生, 欣賞由他透過一把1967年價值900萬美元的斯特拉迪瓦裡小提琴,流露的藝術天賦。