Thank you for your interest in Dalton School Hong Kong; a child-centered, dual-language community of global minded learners and thinkers.

We live our motto and take the lead in our pursuit of life-long learning: “I am not led, I lead.”
Dalton School Hong Kong admits and welcomes applications from students of all nationalities, religious belief and ethnic heritage, to ensure a diversified student body. We are currently accepting Primary School applications.
Kindly complete the form online.

Age Requirement

2020-2021 School Year

  • Primary 1: Children born between 1 January, 2014 and 31 December, 2014
  • Primary 2: Children born between 1 January, 2013 and 31 December, 2013
  • Primary 3: Children born between 1 January, 2012 and 31 December, 2012
  • Primary 4 : Children born between 1 January, 2010 and 31 December, 2011
  • Primary 5 : Children born between 1 January, 2010 and 31 December, 2010
  • Primary 6 : Children born between 1 January, 2009 and 31 December, 2009
  • (Please note that the opening of the Primary 5 & 6 Classes will be subject to demands by 10 February 2020.)

2019-2020 School Year

  • Primary 1: Children born between 1 January, 2013 and 31 December, 2013
  • Primary 2: Children born between 1 January, 2012 and 31 December, 2012
  • Primary 3: Children born between 1 January, 2011 and 31 December, 2011


2020-2021 School Year

  • Application Period for Phase 2 :
    16/11/2019 - 31/12/2019

Tuition & Other Fees

  • Application & Online Administrative Fees : HK $1,550
  • 2019-2020 Annual Tuition Fees :   HK$181,500 ( HK$16,500 X 11 installments)
    2020-2021 Annual Tuition Fees :   HK$185,900 ( HK$16,900 X 11 installments)* subject to EDB approval
  • Non-refundable Annual Capital Levy : HK$38,000 (First Child)
    HK$35,000 (DSHK Sibling)

Corporate Capital Note (CCN) or
Individual Capital Note (ICN) :

Please note the release and circulation of capital notes are limited in nature. For information please contact info@daltonfoundation.org.hk

Application Guidelines

The online admissions system is powered by HKT Education. To help parents experience a smooth online application process, please read the Application Guidelines carefully before completing the online form.

The Applicant should be Hong Kong resident and / or have valid permit to stay and remain in Hong Kong

  1. HKT recommends desktop/laptop rather than mobile devices browsers for best user experience: Latest versions of IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. 
  2. Get ready the List of required documents in the following file format: 
    • File format: gif , jpg , png , pdf , docx , doc , xls , xlsx. 
    • Max. file size: 10MB for each files.

List of required documents: 

Applicant’s Documents
    1. Mandatory : A recent photo of the applicant (within last 3 months; size: 5cm H x 4cm W with clean background) 
    2. Mandatory : A copy of the photograph page (and the “visa/permit page” if applicable) of the applicant’s passport. If the applicant has more than one passport, please provide copies of additional passports.
    3. Mandatory : A copy of applicant’s birth certificate.
    4. A copy of applicant’s Hong Kong ID card (if applicable).
    5. Mandatory : A copy of TWO of the most recent academic reports from the applicant’s current school.
    6. Any health or other supporting documents (if applicable).
Parents’ and Other Documents
    1. Mandatory : A copy of Father’s photograph pages (and the “visa/permit pages” if applicable) of his passport.
    2. Mandatory : A copy of Mother’s photograph pages (and the “visa/permit pages” if applicable) of her passport.
    3. A copy of Capital Note Certificate (CCN or ICN) (if applicable)
  1. Pending of Mandatory documents: e.g. visa, entry permit, latest school reports
    • Upload a written letter indicating when will the pending document be available so as to allow parent to continue the process and make online payment 
      1. Before closing of the application deadline, login the system with your Application ID (see below), and then upload the pending document once available to the ‘Pending Document’ field.
      2. After closing of the application deadline, please email the pending documents marked with Applicant’s name, Grade to apply, Application ID to (admissions@dshk.edu.hk) once available
    • Complete the application process including online payment.
    • School may reserve the right to withhold the processing of an application or may not be able to make an admission offer if mandatory documents remain outstanding.
  1. After completing the application procedure, parents will receive a verification email.  Please check your email address inbox (and junk mailbox) to be sure you receive a verification email.
  2. Enter the verification number from the email into the system to complete the verification process.
  3. You will then receive an Application ID from your email. Parents can use this Application ID, as well as their registered email addresses, to amend the application form before the deadline.
  1. Online Payments via VISA and MasterCard are accepted : The fee is HK$1,550 including an application fee of HK$1,500 and online administrative fee of HK$50.
  2. No refund or transfer of application and online administrative fees.
  3. Please note that an application remain INCOMPLETE and CANNOT BE FURTHER PROCESSED until the application and administrative fee are fully paid online. 
  1. Under normal circumstances, an invitation will be sent by email in 2 weeks after receipt of the online application, and interviews will be scheduled after closing of the application period. 
  2. Parents should accompany the applicant to attend the interview and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time for verification of all ORIGINAL COPIES OF DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED.
  3. Any requests for change of interview schedule have to be made at least 5 working days in advance by email (admissions@dshk.edu.hk) or phone (3612 5757). 
  1. Under normal circumstances, parents will be informed by email within 2 weeks.  Extra time may be required if there are intervening public/school holidays.
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