In our lifetime and our children’s, the pace of change in our society will be greater than anything we have seen in history. Driven by the unprecedented growth of the Chinese economy, Asia will be the epicenter of this phenomenon. Hong Kong sits at the crossroads of this era and encompasses the best of the East and West. From our perspective as a founding board, the education system has not managed to keep up with this rate of change. Something has to be done.

As a group of passionate parents and educators we chose not to sit by and passively accept the disconnect that exists between schools and the world of today and tomorrow. This is why we decided to establish the Dalton School Hong Kong (DSHK) – a non-profit, child-centered, dual language (English/Putonghua) primary school integrating the heritage of Chinese culture and traditions with the progressive Dalton Plan. We will have a school that will provide our children with a window into the past and skills for the future. The process of starting a new school has been a learning journey.  Through the years we have faced many successes and just as many challenges. However, focused on our vision to do what is right for the next generation, we have extensively investigated numerous cutting-edge approaches to education and possible partnering institutions. Further, we wanted the best space and the dream team to execute our vision. This journey has required commitment and resilience, driven by boundless curiosity and a deep sense of internal motivation from our entire team – the same 21st century skills that we need to equip our children with to deal with our ever-changing global society.

The Board believes absolutely that these skills can be developed through a child-centered, progressive education, focusing on the child rather than teachers or grades – the very essence of the time-tested Dalton Plan.

We are committed to embracing and enhancing the knowledge of our rich Chinese history – its language, culture, and values – in order to fulfill DSHK’s unique mission in developing a new generation of children. Our DSHK students will be equipped with multicultural awareness, critical thinking and language skills that will allow them to thrive with passion in the global, interconnected, technological society; one where China is the key player. To this end, we are honored to secure a collaboration and partnership with the esteemed Tsinghua University Primary School, hailed for its innovative curriculum, which has already incorporated elements of the Dalton Plan.

We enthusiastically welcome like-minded parents, students, educators and teachers to join us on our journey.

The Dalton Foundation Board

The Reasons

Dual Language model that equally values Chinese and English

Strong emphasis on Chinese culture

Children are respected and trusted to lead and follow their passions

Faculty’s passion for students and their success

100,000 square feet state-of-the art campus

Small student-teacher ratio

Diverse student population

Progressive approach combined with traditional values

Commitment to arts, technology, and well-being

Real world inquiry-based learning