What it is and Why

DSHK is firmly committed to development of the whole child, and the arts are a critical component of each child’s individual journey.  Our art teachers are skilled artists and musicians who facilitate student learning in the arts through creating, performing/presenting/producing, responding, and connecting to the arts. Furthermore, the DSHK arts program uses our Dual Language model, so students study the arts 50% of the time in English and 50% of the time in Putonghua.  Thus students create art in both languages, perform and present in both languages,  and interpret, analyze, and relate to art in both languages using academic vocabulary in Putonghua and English.

DSHK Overview

“The Dalton Plan is not a curriculum, it is a scheme of educational reorganization which reconciles the twin activities of teaching and learning. When intelligently applied it creates conditions which enable the teacher to teach and the learner to learn.”
by Helen Parkhurst

Student Led Projects

Chinese Culture