Our children are our curriculum,
and the world is our textbook.

What it is and Why

At DSHK we respect and value the individual intelligence of all learners.  Therefore, we do not use a single textbook.  We draw upon a variety of research-based materials and align these to our students interests and needs. Our curriculum is anchored in the Tsinghua Primary School Standards for our Chinese program and the U.S. Common Core State Standards on the English Side.  Additionally, we use internationally recognized standards in Science (NextGeneration), Social Studies (AERO), Physical Education, and the Arts (NCAS).  Our standards act as a baseline benchmark, and we expect and trust our students to lead our curriculum deeper and further than what a single textbook would allow.

DSHK Overview

“The Dalton Plan is not a curriculum, it is a scheme of educational reorganization which reconciles the twin activities of teaching and learning. When intelligently applied it creates conditions which enable the teacher to teach and the learner to learn.”
by Helen Parkhurst

Student Led Projects

Chinese Culture