Leadership Team

Our Founding Principal
Larry Leaven

Welcome to Dalton School of Hong Kong! I am thrilled to have been named the founding principal of DSHK and I look forward to introducing our exciting learning community to you. After nearly 30 years in education—as a teacher and school leader—I am humbled and honored to have the chance to lead the development of this progressive, dual language school. Throughout my career in the US and China, I have had the pleasure of working with young children, wide-eyed and full of wonder and am looking forward to continuing my work in Hong Kong.

It has been a pleasure to work with the members of the Founding Board of the DSHK. Through our collaboration it has been clear to me that this child-centered and forward-thinking group of people have a clear educational vision, coupled with a strong commitment to excellence that will propel our children forward as confident, globally-minded citizens. Building upon the success of Little Dalton (littledalton.com) and founding DSHK upon the rich traditions of the Tsinghua University Primary School and Helen Parkhurst’s Dalton Plan, the DSHK Board has skillfully established a strong network of international support to ensure that a robust foundation is in place.

At DSHK we fully understand that the world that our students are facing today is very different from the world that most of us experienced as students. Our global society demands that our children can successfully navigate different languages and cultures. Our dual-language progressive school, Putonghua/English, has been developed to meet the needs of our unique and diverse Hong Kong community. Our highly skilled and dedicated DSHK staff, our professional collaborations with educational leaders and partnerships with universities around the world, coupled with our dedicated Board and partnership with DSHK families, will allow our students to find their voice—in at least two languages!

The journey begins…

Our Founding Vice Principal
Nancy Du

Welcome to Dalton School Hong Kong! As a passionate educator, I am honored to be able to join the Dalton team to participate in and witness the birth of a unique school. Throughout the past 20 years, I have worked in many leading international and bilingual schools in Beijing and Hong Kong, engaged in teaching and administrative roles and I have a deep understanding of the challenges of a successful dual language program.

The Hong Kong educational landscape offers numerous international or bilingual schools from which to choose. As a brand new school, DSHK has unique characteristics and advantages reflected in a variety of areas. DSHK ensures that bilingualism, bi-literacy and cross-cultural competence are targeted student learning outcomes, aimed at cultivating learners to have a Chinese soul and an international perspective.

In addition, our partnership with Tsinghua University Primary School highlights the power of Chinese elements in a child’s early education. This partnership will ensure that students who study in this specific “east meets west” context will naturally acquire Chinese culture and Chinese values. Utilizing the Tsinghua University Primary School’s theme-based teaching and learning approach will especially help to develop well-rounded learners with strong and confident personalities.

As a result of this comprehensive approach to student learning, the deep cooperation between Chinese and Western teams at DSHK will allow students to gather insights and positive influences from both education systems. This bi-cultural learning perspective will help students retain the rigorous, reflective tradition from the Chinese side, while benefiting from the analytical, open characteristics of the western educational approach.

We believe the unique philosophy and student-centered model of the DSHK will open up an extraordinary learning journey for all children!

Our Founding Vice Principal
Shaun Porter

Welcome to Dalton School Hong Kong!  It is a privilege to work alongside such passionate educators, parents, board members, and students.  After spending the past 12 years as an educator in the New York City Department of Education and districts across the U.S. and Canada, I am honored to serve the Dalton families of Hong Kong.  

I chose to leave New York City because DSHK offers a unique approach and philosophy that has the potential to transform the lives of its’ students, as well as the broader landscape of education across the world.  Our founding board has crafted a powerful mission and vision, and it has assembled a diverse and talented team of educators to bring this transformation to life.   

What makes DSHK so special? Through the Dalton plan and philosophy, students are the leaders, and it is our responsibility to trust their intelligence and build upon our students unlimited capacity.  This alone allows us to dig deeper than standard curriculum allows and put human skills like creativity and empathy at the forefront.  Additionally, DSHK recognizes the global dynamics of the world and uses a Dual Language model that gives students greater access to different people and cultures by valuing and developing bilingualism, biliteracy, high academic achievement, and socio-cultural competence.    Furthermore, DSHK’s strong emphasis on Chinese culture and values ensures that our students will not only be leaders, but leaders with strong principles and compassion for others.   Lastly, our child-centered approach provides each child with an individualized approach built upon strong relationships with adults and peers, an emphasis on developing the whole child, and a focus on engagement and rigor.

Our dedicated faculty and families, along with the founding board’s commitment to world class professional development, help DSHK realize this educational dream.  It is with great hope and enthusiasm that we embark upon this transformational journey.  I can’t wait to see where our students lead us next…

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