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DSHK welcomes your interest to be part of our talented, child-focused and professional team of staff and faculty.  

At Dalton, we strive to follow the footsteps of the originator of the Dalton Plan, Helen Parkhurst, to break the teacher-centered lockstep teaching. We realize “experience is the best and indeed the real teacher”.   The school has to provide for sufficient experience and this cannot be achieved by keeping students as passive recipients.  Our teachers will be nurtured and trained to guide our students to carry out their work, sometimes do it undisturbed and with commitment and concentration; other times in collaboration. Mastery, self-pacing and self-direction is our goal. Parkhurst was one of the most influential educators of her era, and the Dalton Plan became a model for countless schools throughout the world. 

DSHK continually works to attract exemplary teachers who are excited by our beliefs and mission, along with a passion and enthusiasm for students and their success.

Key Beliefs

At DSHK we believe: 

Teaching at DSHK

Following the Dalton plan, a core belief at DSHK is that all students have the capacity to learn, and by trusting in students’ intelligence, there is no limit to what a child can do.  

Hence, we believe strongly on the relationships between teachers and students.  

With a student teacher ratio of 8:1, Every faculty member is responsible for deeply understanding each child and his/her interest, strengths, fears, challenges, families etc. By knowing our students we are able to tailor instruction to best support each individual child’s trajectory. The school strives to maintain an ethnically and culturally diverse staff to complement both its mission and character.


Teacher Professional

To ensure DSHK faculty to be on the cutting edge of instructional abilities, and to meet students’ challenging and rigorous curriculum, DSHK provides a range of research-based, proactive professional development opportunities throughout the year.  These include school-based training, conferences and workshops.



Teachers who are successful at DSHK typically match closely with the characteristics listed below.

Next Step

If those beliefs resonate with you……..

Please submit a letter of introduction and full resume to DSHK Human resources at: Your application will be reviewed carefully and placed in our applicant data file for consideration for suitable positions.

Current Openings for 24/25 :

  • English Language Arts Teacher
  • Chinese Language Arts Teacher
  • Performing Arts Director
  • Middle School Science Teacher

For details of each opening, please send an email to 

During the application/interview process you will be asked to complete and submit further documents :

  • Letters of recommendation/references
  • College transcripts and copies of administrative, teaching or professional certificates (if relevant to positions)
  • Recent photograph
  • Other necessary documents 

DSHK will from time to time post our vacancies on the following: 

  4. Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union

We are working with some University career services to attract the right candidates. Please check out your school career guidance office. 

We attend international search fairs. 

For senior leadership positions, we have started a network with major global headhunters. 

Please keep a look out for us! 

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