Teacher Testimonials

Ms. Cecile - P3 House Chinese Teacher

1. First, all faculty from principal to teachers practice and believe in the child-centered philosophy and value the individual development of each student. Second, the school uses the Dual Language model that focuses on bilingual and biliterate students, high academic achievement in both languages in all subject areas, and socio-cultural competence. Third, the school pays special attention to the study of Chinese and traditional culture. For example, students learn ancient poetry, Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese dance classes, etc., Also traditional Chinese culture instills strong values throughout students’ daily lives.

2. First of all, my personal education philosophy is consistent with the school’s educational philosophy. This allows me to work at place aligned with my values. Teaching and preparing lessons in a child-centered way is not easy, but when I see the impact it has on students and their learning, I am filled with appreciation and pride. Second, the school atmosphere is excellent. The leadership team gives each teacher full confidence, so I have a lot of room to practice different ideas. In addition, the relationship between colleagues is harmonious, and we often work together to prepare lessons. The so-called three-person line must have my teacher. This has benefited me a lot.

Finally, in terms of Chinese, our school is working with Tsinghua University on the Chinese Language program. And as a Chinese teacher, I am very much looking forward to seeing what kind of flowers students will become as a result of our integrated East meets west approach to teaching and learning.

Angela Chu - P1 House English Teacher

Dalton School Hong Kong is providing a vibrant landscape full of opportunities for teachers to see the wholeness of the child through the Dalton Plan and Dual Language program. Students’ exploration and cognitive development are nurtured in an inquisitive and sociocultural competent environment where questions, curiosity, and cross-cultural learnings are well supported and more importantly – encouraged. Behind the scenes, the leadership team provides significant indirect out-of-the-classroom support through weekly planning meetings, whole school team building activities, and constantly seeks to grow teacher’s skillset through professional development workshops with experts. All these collaborative areas piece together to form a research-driven learning experience- philosophies and values turn into action. As a member of the Dalton organization, I value the room for growth and potential prospects given for teachers to flourish professionally. I look forward to continuing with the successes here at Dalton School Hong Kong as we shape the future leaders of tomorrow.


Parent Testimonials

Ms. Daisy Tsang

Parents of 2 children at DSHK.

Joy & Christopher Jackson

parents of 3 children at DSHK & LDK.

Ms. Wei

Parents of 2 children at DSHK.