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Power of Parental Support: A Gratitude-filled Journey

Recently, DSHK has organized a series of highly successful activities, and this achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our parents.

During the previous month’s Literacy Week, all our students actively engaged in various activities, and the parents displayed equal enthusiasm by actively participating in the Mystery Reader event. Their involvement added an element of mystery and fun to the Literacy Week, while also motivating the children to read more books. Furthermore, during DSHK’s annual Book Fair, parents generously donated books to the classroom libraries, providing the children with an abundance of reading materials and igniting a greater passion for reading. This early cultivation of good reading habits will undoubtedly benefit them throughout their lives.

Last week, DSHK held its annual Sports Day, where children took part in a variety of sports activities and experienced the essence of sportsmanship. Parents wholeheartedly joined in the games and entertainment, creating a warm and supportive environment. The sight of parents and children cheering each other on fostered a strong bond between them. Moreover, during this year’s Spring Festival Temple Fair, parents and teachers collaborated in making dumplings, allowing them to experience and pass on the rich traditions of Chinese culture.

When DSHK announced its relocation to a new campus, the school received significant support and encouragement from our parents. Their unwavering support has served as a powerful source of motivation in overcoming various challenges along the way. Throughout our seven years of growth, each step Dalton has taken has been closely intertwined with the support of our parents.

DSHK recently welcomed distinguished guests from afar. These individuals are the founders and key figures of Think Learning Studio, and together with the school, they will establish a secondary project-based learning model that embodies the Dalton DNA. This marks a significant milestone in the Hong Kong education sector, as it aims to cultivate future leaders equipped with 21st-century skills. We firmly believe that the school will successfully take this transformative step, thanks to the unwavering support and trust of our parents.

Lastly, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the class parent representatives who have made active contributions towards fostering home-school collaboration. They serve as vital bridges, strengthening the connection between the school and parents.