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Tsinghua Primary School Partnership Strengthened

During the Easter holiday, 21 students ranging from Grade 4 to 6 had an enriching experience as they visited our long-time friends at Tsinghua Primary School. In 2019, our students engaged in a pen pal letter exchange with some of the students from Tsinghua, and now, over four years later, Dalton students had the wonderful opportunity to visit their school and immerse themselves in a day of learning at Tsinghua.

Preparations for this visit were meticulous, and the friendly games, including a basketball match and a Chinese debate, left a lasting impression. Both schools’ students demonstrated their utmost skills and competitiveness, striving to achieve the highest scores for their respective teams. The debate team even conducted extensive research on the Great Wall prior to the trip. Through the debate, they not only exchanged ideas and perspectives on the importance of preserving historical ruins but also developed critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. Our DSHK students also showcased their passion for learning and skillfulness through Wushu and flute quartet performances. As ambassadors of DSHK, they also spread our Lion Spirit by singing the DSHK Spirit song in choir. 

In addition to these exciting programs, DSHK students were invited to participate in Tsinghua Primary School’s weekly flag-raising ceremony. Our students sang the national anthem and Tsinghua Primary School song together, immersing themselves in the rich cultural experience. They also joined Tsinghua students in their classrooms, engaging in collaborative learning activities. Our students were warmly welcomed, and they exchanged gifts as a symbol of friendship. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to visit the school museum, gaining insight into Tsinghua’s extensive history. The Tsinghua Primary School amazed our students with their extraordinary talents in the wonderful performances.

To gather feedback on the interactions with the Tsinghua students, we conducted surveys among our students. Here are a few of their comments:

“I felt special when we were painting the kite because I got to interact with my partner and the teacher. I even gave them gifts.”

“I felt a strong connection with Tsinghua Primary School, and although it was initially embarrassing as we didn’t know each other, it turned out to be a rewarding experience.”

“I enjoyed the flag ceremony because it was my first time participating, and I had the honor of holding the flag.” 

When asked about their impressions of Tsinghua’s classes, most students shared similar views:

“I like the classes in Tsinghua, the students are really caring and kind to me. The learning is really different, we have to greet the teacher and stand up when we talk.”

Lastly, our visit was graced by the presence of the renowned Principal Dou Guimei, who took the time to engage with some of our students. We were fortunate to capture some of these precious moments with our cameras. Reconnecting with Tsinghua after the challenges posed by Covid-19 has further strengthened our partnership, and we eagerly anticipate Tsinghua’s visit to our school in the near future.