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Chinese Cultural Environment Shapes Students’ Cultural Cognition

Students’ character development is affected by many factors, among which the cultural atmosphere plays a crucial role. A positive cultural environment can provide students with a good platform for growth and shape their character. The Chinese cultural environment we create at Dalton plays a positive role in the growth of students.

First, the cultural environment can affect students’ values. A positive environment encourages students to establish strong  values ​​and cultivate moral awareness. We use traditional Chinese values: Benevolence, Virtue, Propriety, Wisdom, and Trustworthiness to teach children to be kind, make the right choices, be polite, empathic, and trustworthy. By using these standards while interacting with others, they will become a person who creates value for others and the world.

Secondly, the cultural environment can also affect students’ learning attitudes. In school, the cultural elements have a profound impact on children’s personality development. At Dalton, teachers carefully arranged many displays with Chinese elements. From famous quotes in the corridors to long scrolls hanging in the library, children are immersed in Chinese culture every day. In addition, the design of the school uniforms that children wear every day also contains many Chinese elements, such as the Mandarin collars, knotted buttons and cheongsam diagonal lapels. These elaborate designs allow children to connect with Chinese culture from an early age, adding more Chinese cultural DNA to them, and make them proud of their own culture.

Finally, the cultural environment also has an important impact on students’ cultural identity and diverse understanding. A diverse and inclusive environment can expose students to different cultures, values ​​, and concepts, thereby promoting their cultural awareness and diverse understanding. In Dalton, we celebrate various traditional Chinese festivals and pass on traditional customs and handicrafts through Chinese Culture Week and Spring Festival Temple Fairs. At the same time, learn to respect and appreciate people with different cultural backgrounds, and develop cross-cultural communication skills.In general, the cultural environment created by Dalton School has a profound impact on students’ character. We purposely develop students’ traditional values ​​and characters, immerse them in Chinese culture, and cultivate cultural identity, and diverse understanding, which is very important in their upbringing.